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Bullfighting and Events, was born with the aim of promoting bullfighting shows, cultural and artistic events that excite, being ART, in every way, the fundamental element of our projects.

As well as contributing, disseminating, promoting and giving value to the bullfighting festival, culture and the essential values of bullfighting, such as responsibility, effort, respect, confidence, creativity and enthusiasm.

We are committed to the new values of bullfighting, they are the future of the bullfighting festival.

We are a company committed to the environment, the defence of animals and the perpetuity of the fighting bull breed.

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Previous bullfighting events' posters

Plaza de Toros Fortuna August 2023.
Gran Concurso Nacional Recortes 1 Julio 23ÔÇ▓.
Ceheg├şn Corrida de los Claveles.
Toros Caravaca de la Cruz 9 June 2022.
Fiestas Patronales en Honor a la Virgen de las Maravillas 2022.
Cehegin Bulls 27 June 2021.
Manzanares Antonio Puerta Roca Rey.
Mula Antonio Bullring 31 October 2021.

if you want to fight well, forget that you have a body, you fight with your soul as you dream and play, as you dance and sing.

Juan Belmonte

Pasmo de Triana

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